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The Lawless podcast is my answer to unravelling drive, motivation and the forces that have brought about exceptional lives. They are my curated conversations with people of interest who have pushed back from conventional business and are sharing stories and legacies in the making. People who value innovation, sustainability, art and expression over a predetermined level of success. Join me every week where I introduce people from start-ups, to artists, athletes, bureacrats, philanthropists to thriving business owners who have done it on their own terms.

Mar 18, 2019

Episode 6 brings us to Pemberton, British Columbia into the house of one Ian McIntosh.


Ian is a Tall Gingerly Man. Most known for his fearless domination of BIG MOUNTAIN LINES and charging.


I’ve had the great honour and privilege of being friends with him from the very beginnings of his professional ski career...

Mar 13, 2019

Episode 5 is with Julia McCabe. Julia is unpredicatable and provocative.. She leads with passion and has an ever flowing gift of the words… and is internationally recognized and known for her life as a yoga teacher and a teacher to teachers of yoga.  She has a heart of gold and is ruled by passion. In this episode...

Jan 19, 2019

Today will mark seven years since Sarah Burke left us. Jan Phelan, Mother to Sarah talks about little Sarah and her gracious journey to be the woman she became to be on skis and off. She was a bright light and pioneer for woman in freestyle skiing. She successfully lobbied the IOC to have the event included in...

Jan 16, 2019

My guest today is Chris Mansbridge. One of my favourites of all time. Our friendship ignited in Whistler BC and continued to burn even though Chris deserted us for Nelson to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Man and Acupuncturist and land a family.

Jan 15, 2019

I don’t even know how to preface Rory Bushfield as he is one of a kind.


When I first met him he was a professional skier that cooked hot dogs outside of the Griz, and then he joined the circus and starred in a reality tv show and found time to start a foundation to preserve the spirit of his late wife and my friend,...